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We built "Wof Wof Dog Hotel" where your dogs are able to feel and live as comfortable as they live in their own houses.It is 50 km. away from İstanbul near Sile.

Our focus is keeping your dog safe and well while you are not able to be with them.Whether it's one night,one week,one month or more,your dog will enjoy our hotel facilities.We are always able to meet our clients' needs and provide a full range of services for dogs.Also there is cage-free boarding in our hotel.This is the perfect home away from home for your dogs.

They can play freely in the large field of the hotel whenever they want.Their rooms are very comfortable with sofas.We want the dog feel home itself that is the reason never use cages.

showing and giving the same attention and love to your dogs that we show to our children.

- Dog Hotel
- Dog Nursing Home
- Dog Kindergarten
- Dog Daily Care
- Dog Transfer
- Dog Hairdressing


- Transportation from home to hotel and hotel to home by car without using a cage.

- 24 hours special taking care

- We prepare the foods according to their food habits.If the dog is on a diet or has a special eating schedule please inform us.We are also able to prepare food specially for them.

- All kinds of medicines and first aid equipments exists in the hotel.